Sal Non Sal 124 - CODAworx

Sal Non Sal 124

Submitted by Lori Nozick


Client: Sculpture Key West

Location: Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Key West, FL, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $12,500

Project Team


Lori Nozick



Elizabeth Windisch


Temporal site specific sculpture installation. 3,600 salt blocks and salt mortar. Tower: 8’x 17’x10’.
Columns: 6’ x 1’ x 1’. Wall: 2’ x 18’ x 4”.


I create architectural sculpture that draws from archaeological structures and building methods, historical markers in public space that serve to illuminate real and imagined places, both physical and spiritual, glimpsed in the distance and connecting ancient times with contemporary themes. I wanted to create something whose structure would resonate with the site, and because salt is a crystal, it would grow and dissolve simultaneously,


The salt bricks are an agricultural product so I had to explain to the industry why I needed to use the for a sculpture project. I had many assistants, including HS students, and passersby that would stay and help then return the next day.

Additional Information

"One prevalent a sense of mutability and, often, decay and dissipation. ...for example, in Lori Nozick's work, "Sal, Non Sal 124", constructed entirely of salt bricks in the form of a castle-type ruin. Throughout the exhibition, the ghostly salt structure will slowly erode and dissolve, a kind of melancholic collapse that simultaneously evokes a sense of the sublime." Shamim Momin, (former)Associate Curator, Whitney Museum. This project was completed in February 2009.