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Saint Anthony’s Guiding Hand

Submitted by Mardie Rees


Client: Centura Health / CHI

Location: Wesminster, CO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team


Centura Health/ CHI

Centura Health/ CHI


Earl Swensson Associates


Jeremy Broderick

Broderick Design Build


Mardie Rees


This over lifesize sculpture is cast in silicon bronze and stands 81″ high on a 36″ solid circular granite base. The saint and child are lit from below and serve as a focal point both day and night to all visitors entering the main lobby of Saint Anthony North Health Campus.


Serving as the icon for the hospital and its namesake, it was important to represent Saint Anthony as a welcoming figure. With his arms outstretched we see a steadfast Saint Anthony guiding the Christ Child in his first steps of new discovery. In this engaging paternal moment visitors are reminded of their own need for protection, care, and comfort. The circular base, openness of the saint, and a child placed at eye level draw people from multiple passageways to experience him up close and personal.


Mardie worked closely with CEO Carole Peet, Saint Anthony North Foundation, Spiritual guidance, and Earl Swenson Associates. The artistic process began with some initial 3d sketches and charcoal studies of the Saint and Child. Once the composition of the two figures was decided upon, Mardie sculpted the maquette (1/3 life size) working from live models. The foundation and committee members checked on her progress and visited her studio to approve the work from maquette to lifesize. After the clay was completed and lost-wax casting began Mardie closely oversaw the foundry work to ensure faithfulness to the original sculpt. She personally assisted in the wax chasing as well as the application of patina. Installation and design of the granite base and lighting was lead by co-designer Jeremy Broderick Design Build and Earl Swensson Associates. Installation day brought all participants together for an exciting moment to watch new mothers pause to touch the Christ Child after delivering at the Birth Center.

Additional Information

The scale, three dimensional interaction, and reflective quality of bronze made this sculpture challenging to represent accurately in a 2D photograph. To fully appreciate the work, visit Saint Anthony North Health Campus, 14300 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80023.