Sailfish Spinner - CODAworx

Sailfish Spinner

Submitted by Drummond Fine Art

Client: City of Boynton Beach

Location: Boynton Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Michelle Drummond

Drummond Fine Art

Public Art Manager

Glenn Weiss

City of Boynton Beach


‘Sailfish Spinner” is a site-specific, fiber glass molded sculpture hand-layered and adorned with weather resistant multicolored, multi-weighted fiber and latex paint . The artwork honors and celebrates Boynton Beach’s long history of charter and recreational saltwater fishing.

Medium: Polyester Rope, Glue & Latex Paint on Fiberglass Mold
Year Created: 2023
Size: 6ft x 3ft

The design was inspired by the vibrant and diverse Boynton Beach and South Florida community infused with the Caribbean spirit.
The Sailfish Spinner was to be installed atop 20ft tall poles on sculpture bases along East Ocean Ave linking City Hall with the Marina.


The goal was to enhance a prefabricated 6ft sailfish to represent the diverse community in the City of Boynton Beach while honoring the City as a sailing community.


Conducting research and collaborating with the Public Art Manager on requirements and fabrication to meet specifications.