Sahar - CODAworx

Client: Dreamland

Location: Dripping Springs, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Art Curator

Gareth Maguire



Kendra Gorleski

Rebel Collective


Commissioned by Dreamland to design and install this landmark 160 square foot mosaic mural around the theme of open borders immigration policy. From a photo taken by Kendra Gorleski, the model Sahar Mahmood, a second generation Kenyan-Pakistani American student and makeup artist is humanized through her unwavering gaze. Striking dialogue and internal reflection on all visitors to the space, she represents inclusion, American optimism and hope, the melting pot nation we are today.


The mural utilized an otherwise eyesore corrugated building back, where utility boxes and exhaust vents marred the artistic landscape. Viewable from the entire 18 hole miniature golf course, Sahar presides over Dreamland with confidence and poise, sending a message to all that immigration is a positive and lasting attribute of our nation.


We began with a call for models, and shot six in our studio with Rebel Collective photographer Kendra Gorleski. Deciding on Sahar Mahmood, I proceeded to fabricate in studio the 160 square foot digital impressionism (opus regulatum, grid style) mural. Comprised of 40,470 individually hand placed glass tiles, Sahar was then installed in house over three days on site by our team. The client also commissioned signage for the entrance, their logo lettering made on cement board backed cutouts, and covered in glossy ceramic crazy paving.