Saffron Fields Lighting Installation - CODAworx

Saffron Fields Lighting Installation

Submitted by Esque Studio

Client: Saffron Fields

Location: Yamhill, OR, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Andi Kovel

Esque Studio


Justin Parker

Esque Studio


This tasting room is located in Yamhill, Oregon in setting of rolling, vine covered hills. Brought into the project by Jessica Helgerson Design of Portland Or, our role in the project was to create light fixtures that were evocative in color both of saffron and of the pinot wines being served in the tasting room. Constructed of handblown glass, clustered on custom fixtures, and positioned above tables of reclaimed wood we were able to put to life the vision of the designer and their team.


The designer had a very strong vision that involved bringing together two contrasting elements: one, the very modern design of the building with its simple material palette of concrete blocks, glass, and steel; and the other, the bright, colorful warmth evoked by the name “saffron fields” as well as the deep, rich wines being served. The lighting was an important element in setting the tone and ambience of the room and important in the overall design of the space.


We worked closely with Jessica and her team of designers to emulate, through the fixtures, her vision for the mood of the space. For the fixtures we went back and forth discussing ways to design them so that they are more than just a fixture. The original idea was to have them evoke the feeling of branches and organically blend into the space. The goal was to create this beautiful, yet functional art piece, and ensure that every element was an extension of the installation. The glass fixtures were initially thought to be globes and after collaborating with Jessica and her team we decided to use our iconic Waterdrop Jugs. This enabled us to display the fixture using the light, color, and shape to reflect the natural elements of the vineyard. The end result was an installation that captures and casts the lighting in a way that creates this warmth that you can almost feel.