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Sacramento Utility Boxes Art

Submitted by Ilena Finocchi


Client: City of Sacramento

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team


Ilena Finocchi

Public Art Agent

Dianne Cripe

City of Sacramento Public Art


Original digital artwork on two different electrical boxes done in vinyl wrap on large 4×9 foot sized utility boxes.


To reflect and inspire in the areas the utility boxes resided. One of the boxes near an elementary school the other on a busy down town street.


One box was inspired when I went to measure my assigned box and explore the neighborhood I was greeted by at least 5 signs posted of a lost chihuahua and the largest sign posted on the utility box. I decided to use the little lost chihuahua and the nearby elementary school as inspiration. A bit heart breaking to see someone’s beloved pet missing, I started to think about a positive reason for the dog to go missing. In my artwork the dog had been reading a lot of Jules Verne lately with his new glasses he decided to go on adventures of his own. He journeys to the “center of the earth” and goes cave exploring, with his back pack and magnifying glass to research minerals. On another adventure he is on a trip “From the earth to the moon” and we can find him floating in space. The circles above the chihuahua’s head represent the dreams we have when we are inspired. Those circles can be found on the side panels which reflect what adventures can happens when we explore, learn and grow.

Additional Information

The second box is in an urban area located at the edge of a crosswalk. The artist style is done with California poppy patterns to inhibit graffiti. The animals are in various states of movement and contemplation while the sidewalk panel reads "Cultivate Kindness."