Sacramento Capitol Mall - CODAworx

Sacramento Capitol Mall

Submitted by Christine Remy


Client: US Bank Tower

Location: Sacramento, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $545,000

Project Team


Christine Remy


Michael Hayden

Thinking Lighting





The owners asked for an exterior lighting display that would make the building stand out during the day and night; in other words, a large scale, architectural lighting facade. They also asked for a unique, interior display that would exemplify something about the Sacramento area.


The goals were to illuminate the outside of the building in a way that would make the building stand out in the Sacramento skyline. The interior goal was to make a unique, dramatic and dynamic piece in the lobby of the building.


I acted as associate assistant to the artist, Michael Hayden and with KiboWorks, the lighting design company. The concept was introduced during the architectural review timeline and we were involved in the electrical and structural mechanics of integrating this scale of an artwork. I was active in the project from the conceptual stage to the finished install of the LED components.

Additional Information

I think this project was well received as a unique and outstanding artistic statement for the tallest building in the Sacramento Metropolitan area.