Rosenlicht Residence Kitchen Floor - CODAworx

Rosenlicht Residence Kitchen Floor

Submitted by Patricia Dreher

Client: Nicholas Rosenlicht and Kelly Woodard

Location: Berkeley, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $13,000

Project Team


Gregory Cassel

Interior Designer

Neil Bourke


Patricia Dreher


Berkeley residence kitchen renovation. Design for floor to reflect subtile patterns of leaves as they appear on sidewalks after rain has left a leaf stain imprint. The product painted on is heavy canvas which has been gessoed on both sides to prepare and size. The finished painting will be covered with 5 coats of industrial grade urethane. We tried several palettes with input from the architect. Canvas was divided visually into paver-like grid. Room is 12' x 24' with bay and entry areas. One large canvas was used.


The client had a particular pathway taken on walk home from work with leaf stained pavers which inspired the design. I was able to take some pictures and use them as inspiration. We looked at rug samples for color ways that would work with the cherry woodwork.


This project was extensive and required renting a separate space to execute the work in. I worked with assistant Gregory Cassel and floor expert Neil Bourke as well as having frequent meetings with the clients and the cabinet maker. The footprint was revised several times.

Additional Information

I enjoyed working with the whimsical imagination of the client to make a floor that would compliment her concept but be subtile enough not to overpower, and complex enough to create a feeling as well as a pattern.