Roseaux - CODAworx


Submitted by Init

Client: Private

Location: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux


Main creator and co-owner

Ludovic Lefévère



UDO Design


Serge Maheu

Producer and co-owner



With Roseaux, a “particip’active” and playfully interactive installation, walking in fields has never been more fun.
Composed of individual reeds that rise into the sky, Roseaux invites users to activate the base of the reeds by stepping on sensors, rhythmically propelling myriad colors up the stem.
Alone or in a group, the fun and exciting race begins to give the reeds a single, solid colour. The visual parade punctuated by a vibrant soundscape in a perfect synchrony of light and sound creates an energizing sensory experience
In standby mode, gently pulsing light and sound beckon users to activate the reeds and give the space a dreamlike ambiance.


The inspiration for Roseaux came from a wind-swept spot that was to become a sea of people during coming events. The poetry of a bed of broad-leafed cattails lulled by the wind held the visual appeal of an experiential destination that could be adapted to its location. In contrast to the long, graceful stems topped by a spike-shaped inflorescence, creators wanted to create a playful and very techno interpretation of an urban reed.

The creation and production of the interactive installation was an unique experience and opportunity for collaboration. From the beginning, the creators' and producers’ vision for Roseaux was clear; it had to meet all requirements to successfully become a tourable installation and provide a safe, unforgettable, sensory and playful experience, as much by day as by night.

Roseaux has the power to not only transform public spaces but also to bring people together through emotions and play.


Roseaux is a creation of 1ToMn (One Touch of Madness), a young creative company with a crazy touch that designs and produces architectural works as well as ‘particip'active' and interactive installations made to animate public spaces and provide new experiences for users.

The creation of Roseaux has been an incredible collaborative journey combining poetry, technical and technological research. While the creators and their collaborators could focus on the artistic vision, Init and its partners were dedicated to bring to life an authentic representation of the conceptualized installation.

After multiple lab tests, public test runs and final touch ups, the piece was successfully delivered for its first exhibition in August 2021. As the world leading agency for tourable public interactive installations in urban spaces, Creos can count Roseaux as a perfect addition to the existing portfolio available for all new destinations that are eager to present art in a whole new form.