Rooted Wanderlust - CODAworx

Rooted Wanderlust

Client: Anoymous

Location: Lafayette, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team

Artist Assistant

Jenni Freidman

Amy Genser Studio

Interior Designer

Jeffrey Neve

Jeffrey Neve Interior Design


3D mixed-media wall sculpture constructed from mulberry paper, acrylic, pyrite, glass, sand and copper on canvas and wood. 54″w x 72″h x 3″d. Commission for a private client in Northern California.


My client built a brand new home and filled it with artwork created by women. She wanted my work to add texture, depth, color, and visual intrigue to her dining room/kitchen. The art would complement the architecture and color palette of the space.


My client found my work on instagram. She contacted her interior designer. The three of us worked on the custom piece. The piece was created in my studio, then crated and freighted to California.

Additional Information

Dream client! Someone myst have told her that in order to get the best work from an artist, you point them in a direction and then just let them do their thing. Please note that I am awaiting installation images, or "glamour shots" as I call them.