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Riverwalk Markers & Monoliths

Submitted by Lori Nozick

Client: City of Ferndale Arts Commission

Location: Ferndale, WA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Lori Nozick



Kate McKenzie


8 cast cement sculptures, with organic and mica pigments, embedded artifacts, plant and marine imprints. Sizes range from 9’ x 18” x 18” to 4’ x 10” x 10”.


The sculptures create a sense of place on the plaza where people gather and are challenged by the artwork’s presence in the space. The design creates a sense of movement, of wonder and discovery, inviting touch and experiencing the sculptures in multiple dimensions.


One of the strengths of the project was that I was “artist in residence” during the fabrication and installation, and utilized local materials, services, and engaged the community both in the creative process and in economic sharing of the public art commission. Residents and locals contributed items and artifacts.

Additional Information

There was a great deal of media coverage and eventually the local papers published letters complaining about spending monies on art when so much is needed in other areas of life. I held a public meeting and explained how much of the budget was going into their businesses and that the artwork belonged to them for eternity. After that, everyone loved it.