River of Light


Client: Art Force

Location: U of M Health, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Alexander Tylevich

Tylevich Studio

Industry Resource

Jan Wilhelm Peters

Peters Studios

Industry Resource

David Wagner

Glassblade Consultants, LLC


At once visually spontaneous and architecturally straightforward, the concept for the atrium artwork is a vibrant addition to the building design. Three transparent arcs of different lengths are suspended in mid-air, floating at different heights near the grand staircase. The common denominator between all three arcs is a vivid dichroic effect.


Perhaps the best single word to describe my approach is ‘confluence.’ Architecturally integrated art is a constant and prominent feature in all of my projects. The River of Light art installation is fully integrated into the existing design of the space. The installation catches the curve of the building and evokes the flow of the Mississippi River. Visually, the arcs create the impression of flowing and bubbling water. In addition, the sun’s reflection from the window casts iridescent shadows around the space, symbolically highlighting the energy, activity and movement within the building and adjacent plaza.


This modest and elegant project is the result of creative collaboration between the artist, art consultant and Peters Glass Studios.