River City Blossom

Submitted by Dayton Claudio


Client: Eskaton Village Retirement Community

Location: Roseville, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Dayton Claudio

dayton claudio studios inc

Art Consultant

Erin Richardson

Art Consulting Services


This project was commissioned by Art Consulting Services for Eskaton Village Retirement Community in Roseville, CA. It is comprised of a series of 5 wood panels, each 27″ x 36.” I used mixed media on acid washed brass.


Eskaton village sits on 80 acres of open land with its own fruit orchards. There was a desire to include this subject matter to reinforce a sense of place and significance. There were also considerations to the architectural pallet, which was inspired by Early Spanish adobe and Terracotta construction. I used fruit blossoms as the theme and the rustic feel of patina-ed brass.


I worked closely with ACS to effectively understand the concerns and desires of the client in bringing this project to a successful completion.

Additional Information

I worked directly from blossoms, leaves and branches in capturing the imagery and translating through various mediums.