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Rising Blue- Karachi’s Centerpoint building

Submitted by pepe gaka


Client: TPL

Location: karachi, Pakistan

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Giuseppe Percivati


Ambareen Thompson

I am Karachi


A 290 ft tall mural to raise awareness about mangroves deforestation in Pakistan.
What it’s likely the tallest mural in the world, surely the tallest in Asia and one of the three tallest in the world, sits in an area without any tall building, giving it a prime position and view of the mural.


We wanted to beautify the whole area, creating a mural both modern and eye-catching. Using the negative space of the building, and its high point upward we decided to create a design that would feel light, uplifting and a mixture of contemporary, abstract and figurative Art. The Pakistan's coastline as background, with its river and waterways in evidence, a flying eagle, and a red dot on the top, following J.M.W. Turner steps.


A collaboration between the TPL company, I Am Karachi and the Italian Consulate.
The technical aspect of the mural, needing to climb up to 290 ft on a wall without any infrastructure, made it challenging, albeit more interesting.