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Rise Above

Client: Linc Housing and National CORE

Location: Inglewood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Ryan "Yanoe" Sarfati

Yanoe x Zoueh

Lead Artist

Eric "Zoueh" Skotnes

Yanoe x Zoueh


The Rising is an innovative, multi-dimensional public artwork that will be an inspirational landmark for Inglewood residents and visitors alike. Visible from the new, soon-to-open Fairview Heights Metro Station, the interactive and exciting nature of the mural makes it a destination worth seeking out.

The mural features vibrant colors and imagery of joining hands, which depict strength in togetherness, solidarity, diversity and inclusion. When it’s complete, viewers will hold up their phones to experience the augmented reality. They’ll see the hands open up to reveal images of culture, history, and heritage. Poppies, California’s state flower and a native species of Inglewood, grow and bloom. And a ribbon swirls around, leading the viewer through the story of Inglewood. Viewers can also swipe to another “documentary” layer to hear community members talk about what makes Inglewood a great place to live and work. In addition to the mural images, the placement and circular framing of the lighting panels symbolize unity and harmony. Also, the artwork transitions from day into night, revealing symbols which are laser etched in the Acrylic.the overall message about the importance of housing as a foundation for building successful, healthy lives and strong communities.


The mural’s purpose is aspirational, representing the positive transformation of the neighborhood with more housing, more art, and more transportation. Rise Above will be a source of pride for area residents, and an invitation for everyone to embrace the beauty and complexity of the community.


This 5 story building took 12 days to paint and another 7 days for the installation. Merging both Muraling and a large scale structural component allowed us to use our past experience and work closely with architects, engineers and construction crew to achieve this first of a kind project.

Additional Information

The Rising, a vibrant, four-story high sculptural installation / mural in Inglewood. It is being installed at Fairview Heights Apartments, an all-new affordable and supportive housing community under construction in Inglewood. The new building will bring 101 one-, two- and three-bedroom homes to the neighborhood, including 50 units for people who have experienced homelessness.