Ripples of Life - CODAworx

Ripples of Life


Client: Florida Aquarium

Location: Tampa, FL, FL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Mark Aeling

MGA Sculpture Studio


Pete Colangelo

The Florida Aquarium


This undulating aluminum and acrylic relief sculpture spans the 10’H x 70’L wall that greets visitors as they enter the Florida Aquarium. ‘Ripples of Life’ curves with the building’s unique interior and incorporates various sculptural elements into overlapping ripple patterns. It includes its own fully programmable, color-changing LED lighting system. ‘Ripples of Life’ was developed in collaboration with artist Carrie Jadus, commissioned by The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida for its main lobby, and completed in 2015.


Ripples of Life artfully incorporates its function as a donor wall, gracefully arranging its various sculptural elements into overlapping ripple patterns illuminated by changing colors of light.


The multi-faceted intricate 70’ sculptural relief features its own fully programmable LED Lighting system and curves to fit The Florida Aquarium's uniquely shaped entry lobby wall. In order to accomplish this, a full-sized replica of the Aquarium's wall was built in the studio, allowing us to fine tune the placement of each piece.

Additional Information

The birds and fish in the sculpture are available to purchase for inscription and sized to indicate a specific level of donation.