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Riopelle, A Bird Wild And Free

Client: GSI Musique

Location: Montréal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Design, Creative Direction & Creative Coding

Hugo Laliberté

Design, Creative Direction & Creative Coding

Jonathan Jeanson

Creative Coding

Charles-Éric Gandubert

Creative Coding

Hugues Kir

Creative Coding

Zachary L'Heureux


Nina Brodin


GSI Musique


The immersive and interactive exhibition, Riopelle, A Bird Wild and Free, created as part of the celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jean Paul Riopelle, invites the public to dive into his late life and creative period. Through interactive tables and projections as well as a screen mosaic, the audience immerses itself at its own pace into the artist’s world and creative process.

The public gets to discover L’Isle-aux-Grues majestic landscapes, to take part in a collective creation in symbiosis with the music from the show Riopelle symphonique and to let themselves get slowly lost in the details of Riopelle’s works.


There are currently few immersive exhibits around the world that incorporate physical interactions in their content. More often than not, the word immersion is used as a buzzword to attract an audience into what we call a glorified video projection. For this project, we aimed at creating an immersive experience where the public is invited inside the content and asked to interact, not just stand there as bystanders.


We went through great lengths in developing interactive visuals for the collective creation part of the experience. We approximated the artist's aesthetic using a mix of generative effects, videos and digital stencils. We then mixed these elements together, animating them using fluid physics effects and timed the evolution of the experience to a well-paced soundtrack. The end result became an experience where each creation is unique, under the public's control and yet coherent and respectful to the exhibition theme.

Additionally, we pushed the envelope of immersion in a room of video projections by integrating our motion tracking technology to reveal with precision new parts of a non-linear scenario, depending on the public's movement within the room.