Wave of Circles - CODAworx

Wave of Circles


Client: Sacred Heart University

Location: Fairfield, CT, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Art Consultant

Valerie Cooper

Picture That, LLC


Linda Leviton


Two works were created for this school environment. The Wave is in the new business school lobby. The Ribbons are on 2nd floor atrium overlooking the atrium. This piece is 15' tall and 5' wide. The Ribbons installation is 6' wide, 7' high and 4″ deep.


The goal was to enliven the new business school lobby and bring an added element to the 2nd floor that could be seen from the atrium. The art consultant was very familiar with my work, and in this situation worked with me on two quite different pieces, both from my imagination. They are different and do have a common feel in the way they curve and fit their respective walls.

Additional Information

The Wave work is made up of 100s of cooper circles in a rainbow of colors that look live inverted umbrellas. All these circles were cut by hand, painted in metal dyes, uv clear coated to look like enamel, and riveted individually to the wave shaped steel grid .This piece breaks into two pieces for transport and installation.