Rhythm - CODAworx


Submitted by Kris Lin

Client: Zhongnan Group

Location: Changshu, China

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Interior Design

Kris Lin

Kris Lin International Design


Jiayu Yang

Kris Lin International Design


Galloping ribbon
It presents the volume of the building in the interior space which maximizes the extensibility of the space and creates a private and exclusive personal area.In the regional planning, it is divided into two levels of space. On the first floor, there is a reception hall, a model display area, a discussion area and a back office area. The second floor is divided into: a leisure club and a private banquet hall.

The structure inside the space and the skin are intertwined like a ribbon.The “ribbon” starts from the ground level and surrounds the interior of the building ,creating a sense of volume and sense of the interior of the building.It guides visitors to the interior space, controls the light and shadow of the interior space, and opens up the horizon.At the same time, it links the various elements into the flowing space, subtly defusing the traditional, static “white square box” style of space display.


Using the art abstraction method, the arc is used instead of the right angle to soften the intuitive feeling of the whole building, bringing a space experience that which still have not given full expression to the views.The vertical lines decorate the shadows, creating a sense of rhythm in space.

The discussion area uses the art design method to create a warm atmosphere and outline the structure of the space.The interior of the sofa area is combined with the outdoor waterscape, pursuing a unique humanistic atmosphere that makes people and the space resonate spiritually and achieve indoor and outdoor integration.
The elements are mixed together and there are no clear physical boundaries.This unique form of space integrates people's perceptions of architecture, exhibitions, and society into a continuous, fluid spatial order.