Rhythm of the Rails - CODAworx

Rhythm of the Rails

Client: Marriott Hotels Residence Inn Potomac Yard

Location: Arlington, VA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Talley Fisher

Talley Fisher Studio

Interior Designer

Paul Brigido


Art Consultant

Sarah Hall

SoHo Myriad


Steve Powell


The primary concern was filling what is a narrow and long entrance corridor that moves visitors into the reception area, a larger atrium room. The final design with simulated railroad tracks achieved the smooth transition from the corridor to the reception area. All of this was dictated by the site itself, which gave me parameters to work with.


To activate this space.


Sarah Hall of SoHo Myriad Art consultants was instrumental in getting the project and coordinating all the facets of it's design and installation. She was the go-between for Steve Powell, the construction project manager on site, and the designer, Paul Brigido. All of this collaboration was done by email or telephone. Color was a factor that the designer was very involved with, while suspension systems and hardware and preparation of the ceiling for installation was Steve Powell's main concern. We all went back and forth, sharing information and recommendations to make the installation go smoothly. Another art consultant friend, not involved in this project but living in Washington, provided the name of an art installer whose crew helped with the installation, which took eight days.