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Révéler ses couleurs – Revealing colours

Client: Le Boisé High School

Location: Victoriaville, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $65,368

Project Team

Technical assistance

Ariel Dumontier


Workshop machining

Guillaume Rajotte



The turtle appears in art as well as in popular culture and has different symbolism in different parts of the world. In the Amerindian culture, the turtle is at the origin of the creation of the Earth: stories abound where the turtle holds a cosmogonic role, contributing with its wisdom to build the world. A symbol of perseverance and courage, it carries the world on its back and is a guarantee of stability.

By its physical characteristics and behavior, the turtle represents the calm of evolution, a quiet and continuous progression. In this sense, the choice of this emblematic animal fits perfectly with the objectives of both an educational institution and a sports complex. Like the fable of the hare and the tortoise, it evokes a deserved success after hard work.


The artwork is located near a secondary school and had to have a minimal footprint. We also chose to integrate a circular concrete bench at the base of the work, thus enhancing the urban furniture offer.


We acted as designer and project manager. We worked with the client, a secondary school, and our various suppliers from machining to installation of the artwork.

Additional Information

The public art piece we developed for Le Boisé high school is deployed in an aerial manner in order to limit its footprint. This choice of layout ensures that our work is highly visible while leaving important visual openings on the surrounding architectural volumes. Our proposal, emblematic and unifying, integrates with the existing visual elements nearby. It is both a signalling work that can be appreciated from a good distance and at the same time presents particularities that make it a work of proximity.