Client: City of Wylie

Location: Wylie, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Robert Barnum

Aesthetic Engineering


Logan Wyse



RESCUED is dedicated to the WYLIE Animal Shelter in Wylie Texas. The Animal Shelter is dedicated to saving animals through its aggressive animal adoption program. RESCUED stands as an example of my artistic agenda to create art in the public arena that lives up to a higher cause.


The design goals with RESCUED was to create a multiple station physical and visual environment. The viewer moves or explores in and out of the environment and the multiple story content changes and evolves into a more personal interaction. These sculpture environment designs have become a critical part of my total build concept. All my public art is done under my hand in my well tooled sculpture and mural studios.


The collaboration between myself the Animal Shelter, The Wylie Public Art Program and the City of Wylie was one of discovery. The discovery was an attempt to allow some level of community and individual ownership. My multiple visual content design allows and in fact inspires a possibility of community and individual participation in content potential. That conversation, that discovery came from multiple meetings with the shelter director and staff, the public art committee and the city.

Additional Information

My long term goals as a working artist and full time teaching university level Art Professor is to tell unique one of a king personal visual stories about a unique time and place, My Aesthetic Engineering academic concept is defined by priorities to bring the human story by into the public art arena. evolve engineering and fabrication techniques/possibilities to create low maintenance long life public art that is wind, sun and weather resistant..