Reid Park Art - CODAworx

Reid Park Art

Submitted by Laurel Holtzapple

Client: Arts & Science Council

Location: Charlotte, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $35,500

Project Team


Lauren Doran

groundworks studio


Conceived as a family of sculptures, Origins, Community Spring and Life were inspired by the history and natural environment of the Reid Park neighborhood, one of the oldest African-American communities in Charlotte. The sculptures, comprised of stone and concrete, have been integrated into Reid Park, a new Mecklenburg County neighborhood park.


The sculptures were integrated into a new neighborhood park. Origins form the portal at the main park entrance. Life, inspired by the historically important vegetable okra, was made into a tiered seat. Community Spring, comprised of boulders and an undulating textured ribbon of concrete, recalls the historic spring in the neighborhood. The patterns for the concrete seat came from the quilt patterns from long term residents and Reid Park Academy student artwork.


The artist team of Shaun Cassidy, Lauren Doran, and Laurel Holtzapple met with community members and listened to their stories, thoughts, and dreams for the project. We attended the neighborhood's Legacy Festival where a long time resident brought her quilts, which provided inspiration for some of the concrete patterning. The artist team worked with the neighborhood school kids, giving them a tour of art on the Winthrop University's campus and then an art workshop. Several of these student designs were integrated into the finished artwork.