Rehm Library, Smith Hall, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.

Submitted by David Wilson


Client: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.

Location: Worcester, MA, United States

Completion date: 2002

Project Team


Graham Gund

Gund Partnership


Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson Studio


A series of 9 vertical windows and entry glass for Rehm Library, College of the Holy Cross. The vertical windows are 20′ H x 8′ W and entry glass 20′ H x 22′ W incorporating clear glass bevels, dichroic, machine rolled, and mouth blown antique glass.


To enhance the contemplative function of the Library as the Center for Ethics, Religion, and Culture with the installation of glass art in the windows and interior entry glazing.


This project came about after completing projects for several other Jesuit institutions. It involved collaboration with the college departmental committee, the administration, and Graham Gund, the architect for Smith Hall. Multiple site meetings for review of the model, design drawings, and glass samples were completed prior to fabrication and installation by WRW Studio LLC.