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Regenstrief Institute Courtyard Sculpture

Submitted by White Design Studio


Client: Regenstrief Institute

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team

Art Consultant


Art Consultant

Thorson Baker + Associates

Industry Resource

Shiel Sexton

Industry Resource



Regenstrief Institute


“Better Pathways to Health” is the tagline for the Regenstrief Institute, located on IU's medical campus in Indianapolis
And it is also the theme of the sculpture White Design Studio brings to life to honor the institute's founders, Sam and Myrie Regenstrief in the courtyard of their new facility.

The sculpture consists of an ellipse-shaped stage/bench and two large wooden humanoid figures supporting a 1200 sq ft. stainless steel canopy of pathways. Uplights bath the network of nodes and tubes in light at night providing a dramatic aspirational centerpiece for the courtyard and the Institute.


Last year, while installing the interior branding elements for the Regenstrief Institute–a research support organization of the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis–we were asked to assist in the design of the exterior courtyard. The goal was to build an exterior centerpiece sculpture which celebrated the Institute’s founders, industrial visionary and philanthropist Sam Regenstrief, and his wife Myrtie. The pair founded the Institute with a vision of improving public health through technological innovation and cutting-edge healthcare research. Paying tribute to them, the two stylized wooden figures represent Sam and Myrtie Regenstrief. Cables affixed to their fingertips support a three-dimensional representation of the Institute’s mission to “create pathways to better health.” In other words, Sam and Myrtie are literally and figuratively supporting their mission for the Regenstrief Institute.


Peter White and his team from White Design Studio in Cincinnati created several concepts for the design; each was an extension of features located inside the institute’s new facility and sculptural representations of the institute's tagline, Pathways to Better Health. Basermatter consulted with us to create the model in 3D, Thorson Baker provided structural engineering services. Laminated lumber structures from Unilam were fabricated off-site and shipped to the site assembled. Sheil Sexton poured the stage and integrated lighting fixtures from Specified Lighting. Long-time partner, Tim Kane and his team from Vulkane, fabricated the canopy and installed the finished product. Design, engineering, fabrication and installation took approximately one year.

Additional Information

Our latest sculpture is an excellent example of a new breed of art pieces and environmental branding that White Design Studio is creating to help to tell the story of an organization instead of being purely decorative. The finished piece is emblematic of The Regenstrief Institute's core values, inspirational to their employees and partners, and an exciting and pleasing centerpiece for their new courtyard.