Regeneration- New Heart Valve - CODAworx

Regeneration- New Heart Valve

Submitted by Jim Wheeler


Client: Auckland District Health Board

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $700

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Beryl Pereira (ADHB)

Auckland District Health Board


Janice Stickland (ADHB)

Auckland Regional Health Board


Carolina Izzo

Studio Carolina Izzo


Richard Mathieson

Richard Mathieson Sculpture / Art Installation

Industry Resource

Regal Casting Ltd.

Regal Casting Ltd.


Jim Wheeler


Design a gift expressing my thanks to the Heart Department of Auckland Hospital for their excellent support, medical skill and post operation care following Aortic Valve Replacement surgery. Bronze, Gold leaf, Coated Copper Wire, 150x145x95mm.


My goals were to place my gift among an ongoing collection of works within the hospital ward environment alongside other artists' contributions. Before my operation I felt emotionally supported in seeing works by colleagues and personal friend's art works displayed on the Ward's walls. I wanted to offer my own support for others.


I spoke to the immediate Charge Nurse in my ward about the pathways to deliver my gift. My design was formatted to fit the casting parameters of one of my bronze foundries. I discussed the possibility of having gold leaf applied to a specific part of my sculpture. Finally, I collaborated with a framer on presentation and installation.

Additional Information

I have an ongoing feeling of admiration for the staff at Auckland Hospital. My gift will continue to express this gratitude into the future by it's presence in their ward. I am pleased with the look and resolution of my sculpture and am filled with a continuous sense of giving voice to my thankfulness for others to see and share.