Reflector Specter - CODAworx

Reflector Specter

Client: Nancy Toomey Fine Art

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

artist, creator, designer

Chris Natrop

Chris Natrop Studio


Nancy Toomey

Nancy Toomey Fine Art


The series Reflector Specter is part of Natrop’s ongoing practice of incorporating aspects of previous cut paper ephemera into new types of sculptural projects. The outlines of countless knife cuts from previous work are captured from photos and digitally manipulated then fabricated into fresh generations of new works. Reflector Specteris a grouping of wall-hung sculptures with direct linkage back to original cut paper drawings created in San Francisco almost twenty years ago. Cut from thin sheets of mirrored stainless steel, the formation of these works belies their simpler paper origins. The original forms have been thoroughly tweaked and distorted to embody an enhanced sensibility, an apparition of bygone memories. Like hovering cloud formations, these flat sculptures cling to the wall in pseudo-bas-relief; their internal complexities a chiaroscuro of reflection and prismatic shadowing. These works manifest a shared moment in time, but always reflect the present instant.


Part of a solo gallery exhibition.