Reflections - CODAworx


Client: Lake Austin Spa Resort

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $49,680

Project Team

Lead Artist

J Muzacz

Ceramic Artist & Installation

Hope Hummingbird

Senior Installer

Juan Portayo


Reflections depicts a flowing impressionistic landscape that represents the colors of the surrounding lake, hills, and sky across all four seasons. Embedded within the sweeping mural are dozens of custom porcelain moments handmade by Hope Hummingbird, including leaf pressings from real local trees, stamped flowers, hand-painted fish, butterflies, and stamped names of those important to the resort’s 25-year history and success.

Materials from all over the world coalesce in a flowing and serene impressionistic landscape. Artisanal glaze Fujiwa tiles from Japan mix with Marble from Italy, Travertine and hand-painted talaveras from Mexico intermingle with tiles from Spain and the Netherlands, all blending together seamlessly to reference and respond to the colors present in the lake, hills, and sky as they change from season-to-season throughout the year.

Made from 75% recycled porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tiles.


- Welcome visitors into Lake Austin Spa Resort
- Revitalize the Resort for its 25th anniversary
- Connect with the Resort's extensive curated art collection
- Encourage reflection on the beauty of surrounding nature

The serene landscape guides spa attendees along the driveway to the entrance, creating a space of reflection and suggesting a relaxing environment to come. Small details show important detail and add another layer of artistry to the composition.


Muzacz met with owner Mike McAdams, designer Mike Mousel, GM JoAnn Lernhardt, and lead architects Jose Barron and Ramon Suarez to determine the perfect materials and design concepts for this important project. After much deliberation, a serene abstraction of the beautiful hillside reflected in the shimmering waters of the lake was decided upon, and Muzacz went forth to source tiles from around the world for this immersive installation.

The mural was made entirely on-site over a two-week period after months of preparation and planning, with an outline and intention in mind, but with much artistic spontaneity and energetic improvisation along the way. Collaborator Hope Hummingbird created custom ceramic tiles of pressed leaves, hummingbirds, flowers, fish, and butterflies imprinted with names of dedicated staff, friends, and family important to the history of Lake Austin Spa Resort that can be found throughout the mosaic.

As each piece is hand-placed with care and attention, the mural develops akin to a composition on an easel, with the porcelain, glass, and stone painting its way across the wall.