Location: madrid, Spain

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Chief of production




Ruben P Bescos


In “REFLECTION”, SpY makes use of such common elements of street furniture as convex traffic mirrors that are used in surveillance and security, to present this hypnotic kinetic sculpture in movement.
Made up of 20 convex traffic mirrors, this kinetic sculpture generates a replicated universe that evolves with the different variations of movement and position of the spectators through reflection.
SpY explores the spectators’ relationship with their own reflection and environment, multiplying and expanding their privacy and intimacy among them all.
It is a kind of unavoidable vigilance in which we find ourselves and in which other spectators will inevitably also be reflected along with the surroundings.
It is a proposal in which SpY works with the presence and the now of the individual, the distortion of reality, visibility and privacy. These perceptions implore the spectator to face his/her reflection, which has been created in front of the sculptural proposal in movement.


It is a project that has been especially created for the ARCO Art Fair