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Red Ventures – Backyard Boardroom

Submitted by Overcash Demmitt Architects

Client: Red Ventures

Location: Fort Mill, USA

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team

Interior Designer

Lisa Gorman

Overcash Demmitt Architects


Jessica Hoke

Overcash Demmitt Architects


Tim Demmitt

Overcash Demmitt Architects


Red Ventures III is a 186,000 sq ft office building with a fun dynamic interior environment. Several conference rooms throughout are room-themed as if one was living in a house. The 4th floor penthouse boardroom tops them all though, with the “Backyard” theme.


We worked together as a team to design this suspension system to create a canopy-like effect with patterned felt panels - creating a fun, outdoorsy environment for this feature conference room.


Working as designer and artist, I collaborated with the felt production manufacturer, our in-house rendering team, the general contractor, and our installer to create final plans and solutions for this suspended artwork. We started with a mock-up of one panel and are now moving forward to final hardware and installation design - slated for May 2014.

Additional Information

We would like to submit this for the April issue of CODAworx "Suspended in Space" category.