Red Paperclips - CODAworx


Location: Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Christopher Weed

Christopher Weed Sculpture Inc.


Downtown Partnership

City of Colorado Springs, CO


Award winning Paperclip Sculptures Public Art. I created IconicPaperclip sculptures on a monumental scale. These sculptures draw the viewer nearer while piquing their curiosity. They are universal and easily identifiable. Each Paperclip is constructed of durable steel tubing and weighing over 2 tons. This installation encompasses an area 24’ high by 36’ wide and 9’ deep Urethane/Epoxy Coated Steel Tubing The sculptures are illuminated in the evening with RGBA light-emitting diodes, circulating through the color spectrum in a brilliant fashion. These whimsical and light-hearted sculptures were designed to create an atmosphere where families of all ages can congregate, spending quality time together. This larger then life installation resonates with both young and old alike, transcending time.


The goals of this installation were to create a larger-than-life gateway sculpture that would welcome the viewer to downtown Colorado Springs while activating this area. Scale was an important factor as the installation would be surrounded by large buildings and could easily be swallowed up by the surrounding urban landscape. Color was also an important factor as the installation needed to pop, drawing the viewer nearer and piquing their curiosity. Lastly, The sculpture would have a daytime and nighttime presence as this part of the city is quite active into the wee hours. These iconic Paperclip sculptures have a symmetry as the sculptures balance one another.


Artist met with the client-agency and art selection committee on multiple occasions in order to bring this exciting project to fruition. I conveyed my thoughts to the city and buildings owner behind activating this space and any other concerns that might arise. on moving forward. Much thought and consideration went into working with architects and city engineers on integrating sculptures and lighting prior to the construction of the site.

Additional Information

The award winning Paperclip sculptures have been a huge success in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Grand Rapids, Michigan. These Iconic sculptures have created an identifiable Gateway Sculpture at this important intersection, activating this space while adding to creative placemaking. This installation has had an instant impact on the thousands of commuters and pedestrians that traverse this route daily.