Recursive - CODAworx


Submitted by Katie Schutte


Location: Spring Green, WI, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $1,700

Project Team


Katie Schutte


American Players Theatre


Dubuque Museum of Art


Recursive was created by crocheting over a mile and a half of manila rope with a 30mm size crochet hook. Each arm is supported by a 10ft piece of steel rebar and an under layer of hardware cloth. The finished work is roughly 6.5 ft X 13 ft X 13ft. It has been installed in two different locations: at the American Players Theatre grounds in Spring Green, Wisconsin during the summer of 2022 and the Dubuque Museum of Art in Dubuque, Iowa along with Barn Doily (see video) from early September 2023 to sometime in the spring of 2024 (de-installation will require the ground to fully unfreeze).


The main goal was to create work that responded to one of a few possible themes. My chosen theme was “Art is Nature is Art” which restated and recast my current artistic practice while pushing beyond familiar territory. That is to say, my art comes from and exists because of nature, with nature itself continuing to be a source of future artworks. However, while I had included the creational aspects of nature in my art, I had yet to let the results thrive beyond artificial human-controlled arenas. This theme challenged me to create nature inspired art that unites with and exists in a natural environment.