Reclaimed Crossing - CODAworx

Reclaimed Crossing

Submitted by Bruce Taylor

Client: City of El Paso

Location: El Paso, TX, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Bruce Taylor


Eddie Vasquez

SCS Fencing

Public Art Agent

Patricia Dalbin

El Paso Public Art Program Manager, Cultural Affairs Dept.


100' x 6' 6″ Reclaimed Stainless Steel “Art Fence” over the Bataan Railway Bridge in El Paso, TX. This project addressed the utilitarian needs for a fence/barrier on a concrete parapet wall over a railroad overpass. Although vehicles travel over the bridge, pedestrian traffic is probably even more significant. As a result the sculptural piece relates well to both a more cursory view from passing auto traffic and to the more detailed observations by walkers-by.


Goals were to meld recycled materials into an aesthetic sculptural "fence" that reflected an abstracted view of the surrounding environment. I search to use reclaimed, recycled, re-purposed materials and then transform them into new contemporary forms creating a unique installation that owes it beginnings to the past and conveys the future. Or perhaps one could say "LEEDS" towards the future.


Collaboration existed with the Railroad in order to make certain safety concerns were met and between the City of El Paso to insure that the work was aesthetically compatible with the surrounding and that it was sufficiently low maintenance. Prior concise communication between the artist and the installation contractor assured the resulting smooth installation of the work.

Additional Information

While recycling is not the predominant goal of my works, it is an important component to my aesthetic process and is an inspiration for much of my design elements.