Rebilace - CODAworx

Client: Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Donald Lipski

Project Manager

John Grant

Public Art Services


For the Maynard Jackson International Terminal at the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport artist Donald Lipski has created a suspended work that pays homage to the past while introducing a bit of glamour back into modern day travel. The simple net structure is hung with ten thousand hand cut and polished Swarovski crystals. Responding to the tapered shape of the stainless steel mesh net, the crystals are installed in such a way that they get smaller and more condensed as you reach the bottom of the work. The title Rebilace alludes to the works location in the capital of the south as well as its lacy appearance, and is also an anagram of Liberace. The work measures 36’ x 20’ x 20’.


Rebilace refers to the grand chandeliers of elegant glory days of international travel, bringing a feeling of luxury back into modern day travel.