Submitted by Mery Crystal Ra


Client: Private Client

Location: European Parliament, Main Building, Brussels, Belgium

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $3,820,210

Project Team


Mery Crystal Ra

Crystal Energy Ltd


The main building of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 15 metres long glass river,blue and yellow LED`s incorporated into the glass work. LED-controlled to produce the effect of a running river. The philosophy of this artwork is based on the river’s symbolic and surreal actions. The river which runs upwards, the river which turns into a train. Video in the backround: animation is created from my light and glass sculptures.


The aim of the artist is to give another meaning for artificial light – to value architecture beyond and deeper than the commercial décor. Dim and dark time, dim and dark environments leave room for surface metamorphosis, changing their image both in form and colour. To create a dialogue with the passer by. It is easy for us to imagine an instance in which the invisible meets the visible. Imagine a beam of light, which is normally invisible, striking a reflective surface and bouncing into our eyes. The light that was invisible is now visible. From our perspective as observers, it has been transformed.


Glass, light and videos in different art forms in collaboration with glass surfaces are the best
media choices for contemporary architecture language. They carry, reflect and radiate feelings, eternal messages and sensitivity. Innovation in architectural art must be based on an artist`s unique handwriting and executed via the most modern innovative technologies. It is important to create a new balance, new dimensions within surface, exterior, interior in order to transform an architectural space unique. Imagine light striking glass. If the glass is perfectly transparent, it is virtually invisible. When a beam of light strikes it, we will have no way of knowing. Has the light been transformed by its passage through the glass? Or are we merely incapable of perceiving its transformation? Perhaps those questions seem superfluous or overly philosophical. But when you work as a sculptor with light and glass, those questions become concrete and absolutely fundamental.There’s a point at which the interaction of light and glass becomes a meditation. As an artist, I need to understand the physics of a problem before dealing with it creatively. Sometime the leap from physical science to artistic creativity comes quickly, and sometimes it happens slowly.

Additional Information

Mery Crystal Ra:"At what point the invisible becomes visible via the artist in collaboration with glass, light and other innovative technologies. I aim to realize something truly unusual. Maybe there, in these finished works, lies the inspiration for some new level or some new hope for the visitors. I can rarely tell in advance whether the creative process will begin sooner or later; not knowing is a constant source of both frustration and joy".