Re-entry - CODAworx


Submitted by Donna Marcus

Client: Federation Square

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Donna Marcus

Donna Marcus


Fred Cehak

Fred Cehak


Ray Purkis

Ray Purkis


Commissioned as part of Federation Square's ‘Occupy Program’ an ongoing series of temporary site-specific installations, Donna Marcus explores the reinvention of modern materials in a world where a jelly mould, a saucepan and a spaceship are made from the same material. Re-entry continues the artists' practice of collecting various types of aluminium cookware, and reshaping it into domes, spheres, clusters, and other serial forms reminiscent of 60's utopian architecture and domestic design more generally.


"One of Donna Marcus’ most recent installations is a large-scale suspended work in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Giant multi-coloured orbs constructed from humble kitchen utensils transform the domestic to the intergalactic. The temporary commission forms part of Federation Square’s Occupy program."


Re-entry was a temporary installation which utilised huge quantities of aluminium kitchenware that came from the artist’s collection gleaned over many years of collecting. The project required safe and fast construction and installation. Working with special effects expert and film prop maker, Ray Purkis, enabled the team which included architect Fred Cehak and artist Donna Marcus to efficiently construct and install Re-entry using methods employed in the film industry (including many cable ties!). This construction allowed the work to be easily de-installed and the works to be ‘undone’ for studio storage ready for re-use in more finely constructed permanent pieces. The scale and space to play with ideas in a temporary program has led to many ideas for further works.

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