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RCDA Most Holy Redeemer Mausoleum

Submitted by Christine Hales

Client: Rick Touchette

Location: Schenectady, NY, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $18,800

Project Team


Christine Hales

Greenworld Pictures, Inc.


Rick Touchette

RCDA Cemetery


Karl P. Griffiths

Griffith Dardanelli Architects


These Icons were commissioned for a new mausoleum during the design phase of the project in 2015. The delivery date was scheduled for 12/16. The Icons were delivered on time and on budget.


The goals were to have larger than life sized saints on two different wings of the mausoleum. Saints Kateri and Isaac were local saints, and much loved in the region. The color scheme was warm, as requested, and the image design simple. For the border of each panel, I used a Fra Angelico design as inspiration. The Icons are on wood panels, 72X48", and painted using acrylic paints. Acrylics were chosen because of the space limitations of not being climate controlled. They would be far more lasting under those conditions as acrylic paintings.


I worked closely with the client, Rick Touchette and the architect, Karl P. Girffiths. After meeting with Mr. Touchette and the planning committee, I submitted drawings of each panel for approval. After they were immediately approved, I began the painting process, sending photos occasionally . The final pieces were approved and delivered in December 2016.

Additional Information

This is a beautiful Project enhancing a quiet worshipful space. The designs include marble walls of beautiful greenish color and natural woofs. The structure is beautifully designed. I will post photos when installation is complete.