Rainfield - CODAworx


Client: Mass College of Art and Design

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Daniel Clayman


Ernie Plowman

Mass College of Art and Design


Lisa Tung

Mass College of Art, Curator


Rainfield was produced at Mass College of Art and Design as part of an interdisciplinary project class. The installation is on long term loan to the school in the new Design Media Center atrium. Composed of 10,000 unique hand made glass raindrops, the installation spans 59′ x 46′ x 22′-6″. The aluminum trusses are a permanent part of the building, I suspended an aluminum and steel structure from the trusses to create the hanging mechanism.


The assignment from the school was to create a compelling installation that engaged the student crew and that fully inhabited the open space of the atrium. The atrium off the DMC is considered the "front door" of the school. As a long term loan, we needed to be able to remove the work without leaving any trace that the piece was once there.


The installation was produced in collaboration with the Glass, Sculpture, Architecture, Industrial Design and Education departments. I worked with the academic dean's office and on-campus curator to develop the curriculum. In addition, the school's engineering department contributed time, structural design assistance and equipment to the task.

Additional Information

Based on the sensual, poetic moodiness of a rainstorm, while tapping into a visceral memory of the sound of rain on a copper roof, Rainfield allowed me to continue my exploration of the landscape sited in interior spaces. The installation is a direct reference to the architecture of the great European Cathedrals and a captured moment in a time of great visual wonder. With a nod to Pointillism, I have set out to produce a visual statement where the thousands of elements combine to make a singular moment, prompting the viewer to embrace the beauty of the gathering storm.