Radisson - CODAworx


Submitted by Bokart d.o.o.

Client: Radisson

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Daniel Kvesic

Bokart d.o.o.


Radisson Blu Resort Dubrovnik


Back wall of the hotel reception with art glass in total of 90 m2. The south wall is used as sun block as well as main art work in resort. The glass is hand made with collaboration with artist architect and producers.


The main art work is based in the reception of the hotel and it gives further directions of the art work in the object. We have had a demand of blocking direct sun glare into the new guest as well to implement the main art work. The glass has a role of energy efficient part of the facade as well as art work.


We as producers of the glass needed to have a close collaboration with artist and architect. First goal was that glass has a protective and constructive roll in the facade of the building and to meet demands from artist. The glass is hand made colored fused security glass with isolation units. It has been made by extra clear semi transparent semi satinated glass, with fused relief structured glass.

Additional Information

This was a well planned and designed project, where we have met all the requirements for the architectural projects and made the art work in glass with large scale fused security glass. Unique example of possibilities with glass artist producer.