Radisson Blu Hotel - CODAworx

Radisson Blu Hotel

Submitted by Steve Slaske

Client: Radisson Blu Hotel

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Steve Slaske

Skyline City Prints

Interior Designer

Jim Hamilton

Graven Images


Enliven the corridor walls and conference rooms of the 18-story Radisson Blu Hotel in the acclaimed Aqua Tower in downtown Chicago. Make reference in various ways to Chicago’s unique architecture and neighborhoods.


The graphic depiction of Chicago’s architecture and neighborhoods further carries out the city references and themes used throughout the property. Chicago brick, steel and even sidewalk grate patterns and skyline motifs are implemented throughout the design. The huge graphic black and white images create a contemporary look for what could have been a traditional and boring approach.


As the artist, I was given free reign from the designer to draw my city in my loose and very detailed style. Enlarged to a grand scale the drawings become graphic and almost abstract enhancing the cutting edge look of the interior spaces of the very contemporary exterior of the building. The images were used to break up and add interest to long expansive corridor walls and distinguish residential from hotel elevator doors.

Additional Information

All of the drawings were created in 2 months time. The Radisson Blu was the first Blu brand Radisson Hotel in the US.