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Radical Horizons: The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth

Client: Chatsworth Estate

Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Rbhu Engineering

Wings of Glory

Adrian Landon


Christina Sporrong


Randy Polumbo


Arturo Gonzalez

Wings of Wind (WOW)

Bryan Tedrick


The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth transforms the landscape of the publicly accessible 1000-acre park surrounding the Chatsworth House from April 9th to October 1st, 2022, twelve eclectic art sculptures will be experienced by the public and are free to enjoy by all. The projects range in height from 12.5’ to a colossal 50’. Composed of various materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and a repurposed aircraft; two of the sculptures contain mechanical systems that inspire awe and create a space for interactivity.

Chatsworth is a place that fosters innovation, creativity, and thoughtfulness, which is also central to the work and ethos of Burning Man. These site-specific projects are a celebration of art, and commemorate a shared culture of making and collaboration. As a community, Chatsworth, the Burning Man team, artists, builders, volunteers, and engineering consultant, Rbhu worked together to bring a distinctive culture of possibility and creativity to the Derbyshire landscape.

As the engineering consultant for the installations, Rbhu was an integral link between the artists’ visions and the physical existence of the art pieces. Rbhu worked closely with the artists, the Burning Man team, and Chatsworth to bring their vision to reality and keep the public safe.


The goals of The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth project are to create a space that builds community, fosters innovation and exploration, inspires and empowers creativity, and provokes joy along with new ways of viewing and experiencing art. Taking inspiration from the experimental space of Burning Man for art, the traditional space of Chatsworth has been transformed with innovative art sculptures to invoke new interactions, combining a juxtaposition of the two worlds. These monumental sculptures have activated the Chatsworth estate into a creative space and with the magic of the Chatsworth landscape, together they have metamorphosed into a piece of art itself. Rbhu’s integration of engineering and consulting has manifested these pieces to be tangible and experienced by the rest of the world.


The collaborative process is an integral part of Rbhu’s culture and mission. Along with keeping the integrity and esthetic that the artist wants for their project, Rbhu oversees that the sculptures are not only interactive but are safe for public engagement. Rbhu accomplishes this by working closely with artists to ensure that the sculptures are compliant with local codes while still maintaining the artist's vision through creative and innovative out-of-the-box solutions.

Rbhu is honored to work with Chatsworth as a consultant to make the space accessible and safe for all. Rbhu collaborated with Chatsworth to ensure that the historic preservation of the architecture and landscape was maintained during the installation of the art sculptures for this site-specific project. We are the link between the entities, sharing the plethora of knowledge that we have accumulated by being a part of Burning Man and other site-specific art installations throughout the world.

Additional Information

Wings of Glory by Adrian Landon is a sculpture of the mythological winged horse Pegasus named Nebula Rider. Made from steel, and aluminum, the sculpture has both a wingspan and a height of approximately 35 feet. The horse slowly gallops in place and flaps its wings. Flybrary by Christina Sporrong is a 20-foot head composed of steel with book-like birds flying out of the top. The birds are representative of our thoughts, with the idea that contemplation within the surreal inspires. Lodestar by Randy Polumbo is made from a World War II military jet that has transformed into a contemplative flower, inspiring an interactive space from an instrument of destruction. The blossoming flower at the top is a symbol to gather, interact and observe. Transmutation by Arturo Gonzalez & Maru Izaguirre invites us to reflect on what would happen if we brought back extinct species through genetic cloning. Transmutation is a manifestation of an Alebrije, who traditionally are mythical creatures made from a combination of other animals. Wings of Wind by Bryan Tedrick is a pair of steel wings with a 28-foot wingspan that rotate by the wind. The circular frame in the center allows an adult to stand inside with arms outstretched to resemble Leonardo da Vinci's, Vitruvian Man.