Submitted by Grimanesa Amoros


Client: Allure of the Seas

Location: Turku, Finland

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Grimanesa Amoros

Art Consultant

International Corporate Art

International Corporate Art


This project is sponsored by ICART, the art advisors for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines which commissioned Grimanesa Amoros to create a site-specific lighting sculpture for the underside of the Central Park Bridge for Allure of the Seas at Finland, the largest cruise ship in the world. The curatorial vision for Allure of the Seas is “The Wonder of our World Cultures”.


As a child I spent many late afternoons walking through the rows of vines at a vineyard in Pisco, Peru. Since then I have always been fascinated by the shapes and beauty of grapes. Racimo is a term for the natural growth pattern and structure of grapevines. As the curatorial vision for Allure of the Seas is "The Wonder of our World Cultures," I want to bring my Peruvian heritage to the work, becoming part of our world culture.


Racimo is an outdoor site-specific lighting sculpture installation. Many of the domes are screened with drawings done by the artist of rotational irrigation vineyard in Peru. The hemispheres are illuminated with pixel-mapped LED nodes running on a programmed video sequence especially created for Racimo. Since the light sculpture is mounted on the ceiling, the artist and the manufacture did test and design the assemble process on the ground before the installation.