Three Figures @ Imperial Bancorp


Client: Imperial Bancorp

Location: Oakland, USA

Completion date: 1997

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Arthur Stern

Arthur Stern Studios

Art Consultant

Suzy Locke

Suzy Locke and Associates


“Three Figures” is a bas-relief sculpture 15' high x 8' wide x 6″ deep. It is made from zolotone painted wood, metal, and glass.


I wanted to create a piece that filled the lobby wall for the budget, that integrated with the shapes and colors of the environment, and that had a gilded look symbolic to the function of the building as a bank.


I worked with an art consultant that took my renderings and presented them to the client. I initially designed several options and they liked part of one design, and part of another. So, I modified my concept into a final design combining details from the two options and the revised design was accepted.

Additional Information

This project has been published in both books and magazines.