"Now It All Begins"

Submitted by Justin Deister


Client: City of Greeley

Location: Greeley, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Justin Deister

Public Art Agent

City of Greeley


"Now It All Begins" is 5'h x 6'w x 24"d. Constructed of metal base, wood and foam interior, skinned with fiberglass and paint


Anchoring the corner of Lincoln Park site with large and colorful public art was a consideration for this piece. The park is a popular location for visitors, pedestrians and community activities, with nearby restaurants, civic center buildings and entertainment venues.


This particular design involved substantial interior engineering to create safe and durable public art. Having previously been accepted into Greeley's public art program with two pieces, I submitted it for review and was pleased to have it selected for 2015 public exhibition!

Additional Information

"Now It All Begins" is third in a creation series. The first bringing attention to the stars as the stuff we are made of. The second depicted the stuff we are made being received by the oceans of the earth. This piece suggests the generation of new life forming within the warming oceans of our world. Next piece will present the diversity of life.