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Root of the Sweet Potato

Submitted by Dalya Luttwak

Client: Giuseppe Forello

Location: Trabia, Sicily, Italy

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


giuseppe forello

Jobs foundation

Industry Resource

antonio and gerardo di francesco

Industry Resource

mario munka


Depicting roots on the façade of the castle seemed an appropriate challenge, considering its varied history. I wanted to draw attention to the many architectural details of the space – the crossbow slits used to defend the castle, the bell-tower, and the aqueduct with its unique archways. My work is intended to glorify and highlight these details. By covering this great expanse with a system of thin tendrils of reflective gold, I wanted to produce a work that did not draw attention only to itself. material: painted steel. dimensions: 75 feet wide x 30 feet high


When I was commissioned to address the Castelo Lanza di Trabia in Sicily, Italy -- its outer walls, tower, and aqueduct, my primary goal was to respect and honor the significance and remnants of this historic castle. Once the site of tax collectors during the Roman Empire, then an Arab fortress from AD 827 -- in the last 800 years, the castle has belonged to the princely Lanza family.


the collaboration was between me, Dalya Luttwak, a metal artist; a crew of metal workers in Trabia, Sicily and an installation crew at the site of the castle. I took an active role in working the metal pieces at every stage of the process.