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Coming About

Client: City of Tiburon

Location: TIburon, CA, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $310,000

Project Team

Designer + fabricator

Jeffrey Reed

Designer + fabricator

Jennifer Madden

Reed Madden Designs


“Coming About” is a much-loved sculpture in the heart of downtown Tiburon. The five forms slowly open and close over an infinity-edged fountain. Abstract forms change from sails, regatta, bird’s wing, wave, gills and feather to reinforce the town’s relationship to the San Francisco Bay waterfront. To reinforce the name Tiburon (shark in Spanish,) the closed sculptures form a shark fin. The circular plaza is edged in a nautical compass rose. The beach-like surround and boat bench complete the metaphor of sailing on the Bay. 15’h x 50’w x 50’d


Bringing life to the old downtown and encouraging gathering with an iconic sculptural fountain was the goal. The sculpture is used both day and night as a place to sit, meet a friend, have one's picture taken, or play with the falling water. The sculpture rotates at just one degree per second, through the means of hidden sprockets and chains powered by an air-compressor cylinder. Visitors are encouraged to sit and spend time watching the sculpture slowly change shape.


The design, production and installation were the work of the two artists, who dedicated two years to the making of this piece.

Additional Information

After a multi-year search and national competition, the city chose this design by the husband-and-wife team of Jeffrey Reed and Jennifer Madden for this central site. The City funded the sculpture with private donations.