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Put the I into C_vic

Submitted by Linda Hesh

Client: Arlington County

Location: Arlington, VA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Linda Hesh

Linda Hesh


Deirdre Ehlen

Arlington Arts


For this public interactive artwork, you are invited to stand in the space of the missing “i” in the C_vic sculpture to Put the I into Civic. This project asks you to consider what Civic means to you. 15 ft wide x 6 ft high x 2 feet deep Letters are made of High Density Urethane sitting in steel carts filled with stone and artificial grass. Hashtag listed on the ends of carts encourages public to post photos and their opinions.


This artwork has several locations over the course of a year promoting the idea of civic spaces and public engagement. This project sponsored by Arlington Public Art is part of Courthouse 2.0: Reimagining the Civic a public art initiative aimed at sparking Public Conversation about the future Courthouse Square by exploring the interaction between Civic Space and Civic Life in Arlington in the twenty-first century.


This project started with an open call for work with the theme of Civic spaces. The concept went through several iterations with changes in budget, installation, contractors and materials. But always with the focus being on large letters spelling out C_vic.

Additional Information

The public is invited to take selfies with the artwork and post them and their opinions with #reimaginecivic. All images are displayed on a dedicated website www.reimaginecivic.com. On two special event days, Linda Hesh photographed the public in C_vic and captioned the portraits with their opinions.