Submitted by John Stutz


Client: Community

Location: RORSCHACH, Switzerland

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

D.J. Steiger, filmmaker


1 mirror (floor) 10x8ft. and 2 mirrors 8x8ft. (walls) create a box in which an attractive couple is laying – 62 hands are grasping at them – a wonder: due to the mirrors you can count now 4 times more hands, effectly 288 !


Proving the unexpected mirror effect


John Stutz (designer) organized in cooperation with the mirror manufacturer the largest possible 1 piece mirror - the lock smith produced the metal frames - atelier stutz produced the panels as well as 62 arms

Additional Information

The total art work can be shipped in a 20ft. container easy to mount by magnets glued to the arms