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Proposal for Healing Meditation Rooms



Location: NEW YORK, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $75,024

Project Team

Alex Picadas


My Biophilia series is based on the premise of healing images, aiming to evoke an experience that is not only optically and cognitively stimulating for its viewer but also promotes a feeling of wellbeing and encourages psychosomatic health. The science shows that people who treat themselves to at least 2-hours in natural settings a week are significantly more likely to report good health and wellbeing. But those who don’t have the luxury of a sizable backyard or nearby hiking trail need not miss out on the benefits — studies in a clinical setting have shown that mere projections of natural imagery significantly reduce the anxiety and even duration of stay for the patient.

I would like to designate a space at the Mount Sinai hospital in New York for my work to be projected on the surfaces of a room, encapsulating viewers in an artificial natural landscape designed to encourage meditation and holistic wellbeing. Taking the meditation room idea further, I would like to create gigantic projections mapping onto the facade of the building. These projection techniques can help further transform hospitals into bastions of health, transferring its healing potential to those outside of the building in addition to


In these moving images, which are a blend of human and other natural anatomical structures, there is a cycle of expansion and contraction present meant to mimic human breathing patterns. This has the intention of making the experiencer mindful of his or her breath while controlling it. The practice of controlled breathing, like natural imagery, has also been shown to reduce stress as well as boost immune function. The combination of healing imagery and controlled breathing during this pandemic may even be as much use to a viewer as taking their C & D vitamins every morning.


We would love to employ technicians who are adept in projection techniques, being able to provide an artificial experience that is both realistic and easy to manage. We also have a profound interest in working closely with the research department of Mount Sinai, recoding and analyzing the effect of the meditation room on the patient's physical and psychological wellbeing.

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