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ProMedica Generations Tower – Elevator Bays

Client: ProMedica

Location: Toledo, OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Industry Resource



Michael Curry

Michael Curry Mosaics



Art Consultant

Christine Sachs, Terri Shaffer, Ron Sachs, Christina Kasper, Heather Green

Art Expressions


ProMedica Generations Tower is a brand new $400,000,000 state-of-the art patient care facility that connects to Toledo Hospital. As part of the extensive art package, I was commissioned to create a series of mosaic wall sculptures in the elevator bays of nine of the floors.


The main goal was to create a collection of visually enticing mosaics that would relate to each other but still exude their own distinct personality. Embodying two unique designs, "Pixel" and "Weave", the collection consists of a variety of configurations with palettes that were required to correspond to the way-finding color designated to each floor. Each of these hand-cut glass mosaics, which are a joyful homage to the game pieces and building blocks of my childhood toy chest, offer a playful element of surprise. As the viewer enters the elevator bays, the mosaics appear to be two dimensional, but when zeroing in, the varying gauges of the mosaic tiles "pop" unexpectedly, inviting further observation. Luxe materials such as silvered water glass, dichroic glass, and acrylic resin were chosen to both reflect and diffuse the light and escalate visual interest. It is my hope that these spirited mosaics will create the same hypnotic appeal for their viewers, that my childhood building blocks did for me.


Art Expressions secured the commission by presenting their client with physical samples of two of my designs. With ProMedica on board, the next step was to figure out how those designs would translate to the needs of the project and still fit within the budget. I was given the way-finding color chart and square footage information as a guide, but otherwise there was a wonderful amount of freedom with which to design. I proceeded to map out the plan for a unique piece on each floor and communicated my intentions through a series of renderings. After the plan was green lighted, production began and the pieces were completed, shipped, and installed in time for the facility's ribbon cutting ceremony.

Additional Information

I've received some very nice e-mails from hospital visitors who feel a strong connection to the works and have enjoyed discovering the various pieces on different floors. It brings me great joy to know that these mosaics have resonated, offered healing energy, and eased the anxiety that can sometimes accompany a hospital visit.